About the Hall

Originally built and owned by BH Proprietary Company, the hall was handed over the Whyalla Citizens Band (WCB) at a small ceremony on Friday July 3rd 1938 with a gold key given as souvenir of the occasion. In March 2013, some eighty nine years after the first recorded information on the band, the remaining members of the Whyalla Citizens Band, elected to wind up their organisation, due to an inability to attract new members. At the request of the Whyalla Citizens Band, representatives from the Whyalla Music Association assisted in finalising their affairs. In December 2013, Whyalla Music Association in conjunction with the Whyalla City Council hosted a family fun day to remember and celebrate the achievements of and contribution to the Whyalla Community by the Whyalla Citizens Band.

In October 2014 Whyalla Music Association took over the lease of the hall from the Whyalla City Council, and the hall is now used regularly for small events. Workshops, mentoring programs, meetings. In September 2017 Whyalla Music Association started to open the hall door each Tuesday fortnight as a place for Whyalla’s new and emerging Youth talent to meet, network, Jam, and be creative, whilst under the supervision of our members and other local music identities.

Address: Lot 159 McBryde Terrace, Whyalla, SA
Please Contact: https://www.facebook.com/WhyallaMusicAssociationInc/