About the hall

The Sandford Hall, adjacent to the smaller Forester’s Hall, was first established by  Sandford resident and pioneer, Mr John S Anderson, as the Mechanics Institute. The foundation stone was laid in 1885, and the hall officially opened in 1886. On June 21st 1887 (the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign) John S Anderson planted a commemorative tree. The aged oak tree still stands and is heritage listed. The hub of Sandford, the hall was the venue for social and cultural events, balls, showing silent movies, and concerts performed by Sandford’s school children. John S Anderson established Sandford’s library, housed in the reading room at the rear of the hall. Sadly, the reading room no longer exists. Fallen into disrepair by 1986, it was demolished and never replaced. The hall itself was almost lost, fenced off and ready for demolition. A group of local women chose a different course. With bricks donated by local farmers and residents, their initiative saw the hall repaired, and saved. Thirty years after the re-opening, the hall now serves as the venue for exercise and dance classes, celebrations, meetings, Trivia nights, exhibitions, and the monthly Sandford Village Market.

Address: 14 Burke Street, Sandford
Please Contact: Roger Williams on 0408 703 746 for more information