About the Hall:

The Soldiers Memorial Hall was opened on 16 May 1913 as the hall of the Tanunda Club. It was designed by the prominent firm of Adelaide architects English & Soward in a stripped classical style employing red brick and stucco. The architects’ design for the hall and its façade was submitted in two versions but the façade was never erected; the design is preserved at the Hall.

The building became the Soldiers Memorial Hall after the First World War. In the 1960s, an unmatching cream brick façade was erected. When the building was refurbished as the Barossa Regional Gallery, this façade was rendered and painted and the front interior spaces refurbished as galleries for the display of art. The hall itself, which currently seats around 350 people, still awaits full restoration and repainting of the interior. It incorporates a lofty and well-lit hall space equipped with a rear gallery, with a proscenium arch leading on to the stage area, which is surmounted by a fly tower and a room beneath that is used to house the local liedertafel choir. The ceiling and proscenium surrounds are made from pressed metal. It has excellent acoustics, being of the classic ‘shoebox’ shape.

The Barossa Regional Gallery is the home of the historical Hill & Son Grand Organ (1875), lovingly restored by the Organ Historical Trust. It has public demonstrations every Wednesday from 11.30am until 12.30pm.

Address:  3 Basedow Road, Tanunda SA 5352

Please Contact:  info@barossa.sa.gov.au or call 85630849