About the Hall:

Parndana is a small community in the “heartland” of Kangaroo Island that was established after the Second World War to support the Island’s Soldier Settlement Scheme. Returned soldiers and their families began to arrive in the area in 1948 and occupied huts brought from a former internment camp. They began to move onto their farms in 1951. A total of 174 families came to live in the area, almost doubling Kangaroo Island’s population by 1954. The Town Hall was opened on the 27th of September 1965. The hall was planned for many months before it was constructed, and a vote was held to gauge community support. In Parndana the vote alone was 493 yes and 21 no. When designing the hall the architect estimated a cost of around 17,500 pounds, and the members of the Parndana Community had to raise around 5,000 pounds of that. The remainder was funded by the state government. The Hall was at the centre of the very close knit community of soldier settlers and their families for many years.

Address: Wedgewood Road, Parndana, SA 5220

Please Contact: Kangaroo Island Council (08) 8553 4500 http://kangarooisland.sa.gov.au/halls