About the Hall

The old bluestone hall was built around 1870 served the district as a school for more than 30 years. It was also used for dances, concerts & church services. In 1888 a government building grant was received, in that year a library was started. There were 200 books and was open for an hour each day. In 1894 there were still 200 books and had 3,500 visits. In 1904 a new larger hall was erected adjacent to the original one. In 1938 it was lengthened and dressing rooms changed to the other side of the building. Over the years lots of maintenance has been carried out. Our hall is a vital asset for the Nareen Community, today it only stands with a fire shed and a Church in the valley. The Hall is a place where we can get together and socialise. We have many events at the throughout the year and understand how important it is to keep our local hall the “hub” of the community.

Address: 2072 Nareen Rd, Nareen VIC 3315
Please Contact:
 (03) 5579 0207 for more information