About the Hall
This historic building situated in Market Street, and listed in the National Heritage Register, is central to our History and Research of Burra, through the Burra History Group. However, it began life as a much more modest building, serving as the Mechanics’ and Miners’ Institute, which was opened in 1857. Over the nearly 20 years as the Institute, there were varied accounts as to the level of services offered and patronage from among those it was designed to assist in broadening the mind. Concerned to have a civic centre more worthy of the town, a committee was formed, funds were raised, government assistance secured and with great fanfare and many distinguished guests, the Burra Institute, built on the site of the original Institute, was opened in 1874 with aim of making it: “… the first in general usefulness by having a well stocked library, an instructive museum, educational classes, popular lectures, and agencies in every direction, whereby the mind might be cultivated and the feelings refined.”

Address: 4 Market St, Burra 5417, SA
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