About the hall

Bunyip Hall was opened in 1906 and was used by Debating Clubs, Public Library, Dramatic Club, various concerts, choirs, Picture theatre and Weddings to name a few. In 1940 the Hall was destroyed by fire and rebuilt and opened again in 1942.

The Hall is a much utilized space at the very much at the heart of the Bunyip Community. It has been host to the RSL, CWA, Landcare meeting and Bush Dance, CWA choir, Tai Chi, Yoga, Art Classes, Car Club, Butterfly Ballet, Playgroup, Australia Day and Anzac day concerts and well as funerals, wakes and Opera concerts.

Address: 38 Main St, Bunyip VIC 3815
Please Contact: Booking Officer – Sue Anderson on 0407 834 443 or emai bunyiphall@hotmail.com