About the Hall

The Banyena Hall has been a public landmark since 1888, when it was first established as the Banyena Mechanics Institute. Since then, the Hall has been rebuilt and refurbished after several major floods, with the nearby Richardson River swelling dramatically, leaving the hall inundated half a meter above floor level, shifting stumps and destroying the floor. At the reopening of the Hall, in 2012, 20 months after the worst floods in living memory, Banyena Hall Committee President Donal Molloy Drum expressed the community’s relief at having the Hall open once again. ‘Most people who attended the [re-opening] have a connection with Banyena – the place, the community, its past, present and future and a common connection amongst us all is our hall, which is the hub of our small community our gathering and meeting place’.

Address: 3568 Banyena Rd, Banyena VIC 3388
Please contact: Carling on 0429001415 or by email banyenahall@gmail.com for bookings

For more information please visit the Friends of Banyena Facebook page.