Burra Town Hall Community Project

Burra Town Hall has outdone themselves this November with a series of events taking place in the Hall. Begining with the Spring Garden Expo and the wonderful stage display created by the ladies from the district. Titled 'Poppies for Peace, Red for Rememberance' the three day event encompassed workshops, as well as garden advice from … Continue reading Burra Town Hall Community Project

Fred Smith Dust of Uruzgan

EVENT DATES: 3 November 2018 Remembering the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day 2018 Fred Smith is no ordinary singer-songwriter... and this is no ordinary show... Dust of Uruzgan is a collection of songs Fred wrote while working as a diplomat alongside Australian soldiers in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan. The show combines songs, humour, and commentary … Continue reading Fred Smith Dust of Uruzgan