The New Savages

EVENT DATES: Friday 16 November 2018

The New Savages play their own kind of blues. It’s a familiar but original sound, somewhere between Jim Morrison playing in an electrified delta blues duo, with a dash of Johnny Cash. They call their music Melbourne Hill Country Blues – their distinct take on the droning, rhythmic and hypnotic blues of the Mississippi Hill Country.

From 2015 on the band has played over 300 shows at countless festivals, halls and bars nationwide. Through the endless road they have built a reputation as a premier live blues act, and a grassroots following across the continent. During this time they have also recorded 3 EPs, showing their maturation as recording artists. Lead singer Milan has spent extended time in the American South trying to understand the blues first hand. This, coupled with his unique approach to the blues leaves for a refreshingly honest and original interpretation of the blues which is both Modernly Australian, and Anciently Mississippian.

Date:  Friday 16 November 2018
Venue: Cheshunt Hall
Address: 454 King Valley Road, Cheshunt 3678
Time:  7pm-10pm
Entry:  $20 at the door ($15 pre-sold)
Bookings: Pre-sale tickets available –
Please contact: Suz Christion 0428 298 052

The Cheshunt Hall has been a community gathering place since 1895. Regular Friday night dances had people from all around the district hitching up the transport to head on down. No liquor was allowed at the hall, so it is rumoured that some punters would sneak outside the 100 yard exclusion zone to open a brown glass bottle of the favorite home brew beer. With a new kitchen installed and the old floor boards lovingly polished up, the Cheshunt Hall is still a great place for community gatherings. An annual Flower Show in late October each year brings a delightful display of Spring colour and beauty to the hall. The local primary school take to the stage each December to present a theatrical extravaganza, with live band, dramatic costumes and dewy eyed proud audiences. Recent years have seen a resurgence in live bands being presented at the Hall. Visitors and locals alike are loving these events! The Cheshunt Hall is a great venue for gathering and connecting, and will continue to serve the community as a welcoming space for many years to come.

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