The Chronicles of a Sleepless Moon

EVENT DATES: 23 November 2018

Gather around and enjoy the deliciously dark and exquisitely crafted tale of The Chronicles of a Sleepless Moon by the infamous purveyors of junkyard theatre, The Suitcase Royale. Inspired by 1920’s radio, backyard invention, and the unique dark setting of the middle of Australia; Joseph O’Farrell, Glen Walton and Miles O’Neil bring to the stage a surreal, fortuitous, adventure that crosses artforms and genres to tell the epic tale of a Butcher, a Newsman and a Mad doctor.

Then, take a moment to stretch your legs, grab a drink and get your dancing shoes on as The Suitcase Royale transform into the Royale Riot, their live band. Complete with primal drums, grinding upright bass, cracking guitar and the twang of a banjo bring that old time sound kicking and screaming onto the dance floor. From rockabilly barnstormers to old country tear jerkers, The Suitcase Royale play the soundtracks from their multi award-winning and internationally adored theatre productions as well as a swag of classic tunes.

Date: Friday 23 November 2018
Venue: Archies Creek Community Hall
Address: Archies Creek Road, Archies Creek, Victoria
Time: 7pm
Entry:  Tickets: $25

The Archie’s Creek Community Hall was originally built in 1901. Land was donated to the community for this purpose by a local farmer and the community owns and operates the building! Currently a range of activities take place at the hall including the annual Spanish Night with Flamenco music and dance and also guitar making. Local musicians regularly play here and an active and dedicated committee are seeking to activate the hall even further.

Visit the Archies Creek Hall page.