2018 Registrations Opening Soon

Home is Where The Hall is is a grassroots arts initiative dedicated to to celebrating and championing the places where art is made and enjoyed. Each November, Regional Arts Victoria together with Country Arts South Australia showcase dozens of activities at community halls.

Community halls are central to the ongoing energy of regional towns: they are places for gathering, celebration, emergency, crafting, mourning, baking, performing and playing. Whether they are historic or contemporary, community halls are the keepers of a rich and diverse collection of stories and memories that form the identity of the town and safeguard its values. In times of emergency or crisis, the community hall is the town’s refuge; in times of joy, the community hall is the town’s place for celebration.

This inspiring project creates a statewide network of vibrant spaces, with many dozens of towns participating each year. Registrations for the 2018 event are opening soon and we hope that you are keen to participate!

Image: Birregurra Ballyhoo by Stuart Fry.  For more information about events in the Birregurra Town Hall see the enlightenmebirre Website.