VICTORIA, Myall, Charge at the Beersheba


Commemorating 100 years since the Charge of the Australian Light Horsemen at Beersheba on 31st October 1917. Songs and stories shared of these superb cavalrymen, their swift advance and the conditions in which they succeeded. Displays of district heroes Bring and share festive food and chatter! Opportunities over six days of the event for individuals and groups such as visitors to the area, seniors, school groups for presentations and viewing of material to requirements.

Date: November 1-3, November 7-10
Venue: Myall Hall
Address: Peach Lane, Myall
Time: 10:30AM – 3PM
Cost: $5

Bookings: Contact Marianne Phone 0354570291, mobile 0429193972, email

The Myall Hall which celebrated its centenary in 1912 has been an emblem of the pioneering settlers who made the Murray river plains their home. The building of a Hall with a large bank overdraft brought the community to a sense of purpose and achievement.

With the opening up of crown land in the Village Settlement, twenty families took up the 18-20 acre blocks. Interestingly most of the village settlers were connected to the early selectors, a mix of folk of British and European origins who formed a tight knit community, who worked hard to get established and develop community facilities.

The school, built by the parents was established in 1896 and was a catalyst in establishing a centre for communicatio, education and social activity.

The opportunity for a Hall took off and in 1912 the “grand opening” of the Myall Hall took the form of a concert, ball and large feast in an outdoor marquee.

Dances and balls were held regularly and later euchre was played in the ante room with ever increasing numbers of people travelling across the district. Church, sporting and social events were connected with the Hall. Moving pictures attracted large crowds. School concerts were popular events. During the great wars there were farewell presentations and welcome home occasions.

A Myall School Roll of Honour was hung in the Myall Primary School until it was closed in 1993, which now hangs in the Myall Hall. On 11th November we will remember these and other men and women who served our country with displays and activities in the Hall from 12-4pm.

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