EVENT DATE: Tuesday 1, Tuesday 8, Tuesday 15 and Tuesday 22 November 2016

The Avon Doors Open event will provide an opportunity for the community to explore the attributes the Avon Hall Complex can provide for the very young to the very senior members of the community. Follow a discovery tour through the main hall which will show case the versatility of the hall. Let the young ones play with some of the giant floor games or stand on the stage and tell a joke or two. Check out the kitchen facilities for your next event i.e. 40th,50th, maybe 90th birthday . Phase two will include a browse through the Book Nook with its large supply of books suitable for a large variety of taste then on to the craft hall with its unusual wool craft related equipment i.e. spinning wheels, felting equipment, looms plus the opportunities for various crafts. Have a go and express your creative talent. Relax with a cuppa and chat.


Date: Tuesday 1, Tuesday 8, Tuesday 15 and Tuesday 22 November 2016
Venue: Avon Hall Complex
Address: Avon Road, Avon
Time: 11.00am-3.00pm
Entry: Free. 
Bookings only required for large groups: 08 8867 1127

Originally the Avon Sunday School hall was built in 1923. Due to religious beliefs some social events were disallowed, so the community built another hall along- side, opening in 1960. At the time regular dances were held. In time a small portable building was annexed for the use of children, i.e. a play group and Friday night’s kids club. Due to the declining farming population, the closing of the school, and shop, use has decrease dramatically and the annex has now been established as Book Nook. The main hall is used for various social events such as Adult Learners Day in September and until recently a wonderful Christmas festival which ran for about 3 weeks bringing in buses of folk from various city locations to view the displays and enjoy a luncheon put on by the aging volunteers. In recent times the Hall has hosted weddings, parties, historic events, reunions. The Sunday School hall has been set up as a craft hall and the group meet every Tuesday focusing on but not always the local products of the area mainly wool and grain. Equipment such as spinning wheels, carder, looms are set up for the enthusiastic to try their hand.

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