EVENT DATE: Sunday 13 November

This internationally acclaimed trio are coming to town riding a murder ballad of junkyard theatre, visual trickery, dark humor and rag’n’bone live music. The Ballad of Backbone Joe tells a hilariously daft and gruesome tale of a murder set in a small country town, in their unique, comedic, Mighty Boosh-esque style.

Undefeated bare-knuckle boxer Backbone Joe has a right hook “as quick as a spun tea-bag” but repeated blows to the head have left him a bit slow to process little details. Like, did he really kill his wife by throwing her off a bridge? Abattoir owner and fight promoter Messy Dimes Dan is only too happy to fill in the blanks. Can Detective Von Trapp ease poor Joe’s troubled mind?

When they are not performing, operating their own lights and triggering primitive visual effects, the actors morph into musicians, pick up drums, guitar and double bass and rattle off foot-stompin’ street blues from side of stage.

Event: Ballad of Backbone Joe, Suitcase Riot (the band)
Sunday 13 November
Venue: Bruthen Pub
Address: 14 Tambo Upper Road, Bruthen
Time: 2.00pm TBC
Bookings: Presented by Bruthen Arts and Events Council – Bookings TBC.
This event forms part of Regional Arts Victoria’s Connecting Places program.