Victoria, Moe, Blue Sky Thinking Consultations

EVENT DATE: Tuesday 17 November 2015

The Community Hub Project at the former Masonic Centre at 4 High St, Moe will hold community consultations on Tuesday November 17. Moe Life Skills Community Centre has bought the building and is keen to find out from the community and community organisations what they can imagine it being used for. We have had over a hundred possible activities suggested so far, and are keen to add more to the list and then to select some of them to bring to life.

Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015
Venue: The former Masonic Centre
Address: 4 High St Moe
Time: 12.30pm -3.00pm or 5.00pm -7.30pm
Entry: Free

Bookings are required. RSVP for catering purposes to Jay on 0484 348 804 or MLSCC (03) 5127 7999


The building at 4 High Street, Moe was built in 1939 as Masonic Lodge and Hall. It was most recently altered and adapted to be used as a school campus by the Glenview Christian School. The building is on the Latrobe City Heritage register. Moe Life Skills Community Centre Inc. bought the building on 2014 with assistance from the Victorian Government with the intention of developing a community space for use by the whole community.There is a fully fenced area around the building which is undeveloped except for a children’s playground, and Internally, there is approximately 600 square metres of space.