Tasmania, Koonya, Sunday Afternoon Live at the Koonya Hall

EVENT DATE:  Sunday 8 November 2015151020_ Live at the Koonya Hall submitted by Rob Rolfe

Sunday afternoon LIVE at the Koonya Hall is a monthly variety show featuring performances by local and visiting artists, musicians and actors. Licenced with food available.

Date:  Sunday 8 November 2015
Venue:  Koonya Hall
Address:  Nubeena Road Koonya
Time:  4pm – 6.30pm
Entry:  $10

Bookings: contact liveatthekoonyahall@gmail.com


A mercury report stated in Oct. 1894 that a Public Hall at Koonya will shortly be erected. [It was built on the foundations of the Superintendents quarters of the Cascades Station]. The stone foundations are from that building. Another report dated July 1895, stated the new Public hall “was put to use since being finished a short time before. Considering the depression of the times only 20 pounds was required to pay off the debt.” [so it was possible opened early 1895].

The original hall had a shingle roof, which was later replaced with custom orb roofing iron.  Baltic pine came down by steamer to the jetty to line out the interior, but some disappeared from the jetty after it was unloaded, so only the bottom half of the hall was lined. [The missing timber turned up later as lining in a local home!.]

The western side of the hall had a tennis court built in the 1920s and rebuilt in 1956. The fine metal which was mixed with tar to form the surface was gathered from the blow hole at Eagle Hawk neck in bags and carted back. All done with working bees.

The hall was originally lit by gas, which was generated by dripping water on acetylene. This was at the the back of the anti-room (built in the early 1900s), and was distributed to lamps in the hall by copper pipes. Some can still be seen in the hall, as well as part of one of the lamps.

The hall was used for football, cricket and tennis club rooms, and badminton was also played in the hall, but because the hall was undersize, the back line for the court  was up the wall.

Pictures shows were also shown in the hall, with the projector driven by electricity generated by the operator jacking up the back wheel of his car and fitting a belt to drive the generator.

In 1951, A switching on ceremony was held  when the hydro power came to Koonya.

It was an important centre for social gatherings, and a meeting place for the local residents. Some of the events held at the hall were birthday and wedding celebrations, farewells and welcome home, especially for locals leaving for the First World War and 2nd World War, for those that returned, as well as plays and concerts, fund raising for charities, Wood chopping events. [possibly in conjunction with the Koonya Shows], and meetings, including at one time council, hospital, school and sports, and Koonya show meetings. For many years it was also the home for the CWA. Today, the hall is used for community events, live theatre and of course… Sunday afternoon live!