VICTORIA, Toomuc Valley, South Eastern Contemporary Art network Inc (SECAN) Gathering

EVENT DATE: 8 November 2014


South Eastern Contemporary Art network Inc (SECAN) hold Gatherings at the hall every second month. We are a newly incorporated group whose common interest is contemporary art. We meet to plan community art projects and exhibitions, to share ideas and resources and to support one another in our diverse, artistic endeavours.

Date: 8 November, 2014
Venue: Toomuc Valley Community Hall
Address: Leppit Road, Toomuc Valley
Time: 1.00 pm -4.00 pm
Entry: Free


The hall began its life as the Army Road Primary School. It was relocated to the Toomuc Valley after the original community hall was destroyed by fire and the Army Road Primary School had been closed by the government.

The hall is a focal point for various community activities – card nights, community table tennis and wheel barrow racing competitions. The annual Toomuc Valley Community Christmas party involves the local CFA with Santa arriving on the Toomuc Fire Truck.

The hall is now home to the Toomuc Valley Art group who meet there every Tuesday; ballot boxes which fill the space at election time and SECAN who meet there 6 times a year.

Whilst Pakenham is growing into a major city on the outskirts of the south eastern growth corridor, the Toomuc Valley Community Hall retains the country feel of a valley that once housed the largest orchard in the southern hemisphere.