VICTORIA, Kooreh, Kooreh Hall Dance

EVENT DATE: 22 November

A dance with old time new vogue. We will be dancing the night away to Carmel’s Music. A delicious supper will be provided. The dance has been going for over 20 years.


Date: Saturday 22 November
Venue:  Kooreh Memorial Hall
Address: Wimmera Highway
Time: 8.00pm – 12midnight
Entry: $8


The Kooreh Hall celebrated its 90th birthday last year! The main use of the hall is for ballroom dance classes, which occur every two weeks from March to November. Our Christmas break-up is held every year in December for the whole district. Lots of littlies have now started coming along now that santa comes to visit. The Hall was out of action for more than 12 months due the floods that went through our region in 2011. The flood damaged mainly the floor and the kitchen with water rising up to the level of the bottom of the seats. However, we have been fortunate to have made repairs to the Hall now and have had upgraded facilities. The Kooreh Hall Dance had a couple of years off during the repairs however we are back on track following renovations – the dance will be good for your body and the mind.