VICTORIA, Nambrok, Nambrok Rok

EVENT DATE: 8 November 2014

The Nambrok Rok will showcase some of the members of bans that originally played to packed houses in the 70’s through to the 90’s. We are holding the music and dance night to show off our Hall which has undertaken some major maintenance works. We are trying to recapture some of the crowds that filled the Hall in decades past.


Date: November 8th 2014
Venue: Nambrok Hall
Address: 174 Nambrok Hall Road Nambrok 3847
Time: 7:30 till late
Entry: $15:00 per head
Bookings: bookings are required, contact Rhiannon 0400395345,  Beth 0437358266 or Casey 0438030051Nambrol hall


NEW HALL AT NAMBROK. The following is a list of donations in cash and kind promised for the the new hall at Nambrok: Ten Bags of Wheat.-John (Dick) Bermingham, J. Johns, C. J. Dennis, H. J. Mason, L. B. Mason, C. Adams, J. Morris, F. Amiet, Mrs. E. A. Wid dis, I. McIlwain, J.’ B. Trimble, W. Andrews, J. Garth, J. Hagg, ID. An derson, S. R. Lyndon, J. Mathieson, S. ‘McNabb, M. McDonald, J. Bunston, J. Worthington, A. Atkins, Mrs. J. Allman, B. Timms, T.Fawkes, T.Pruden, J.Shaw, C. Kerr, C.Jones, P.Donoghue, A. Dawson. Two Tons of Chaff.-W. Shaw. Eight Bags of Wheat.–J. Maxwell. Five Bags of Wheat.-D. Maxwell. J. Gallagher, – Luxford, L. Curran, A. Marshall, W, Bermingham, A. Trimble, G. Murray. Cash.-W. Watts, Jas. Bermingham A. Widdis, £10; S. McDonald, Mrs. C. J. Delmis, Mrs. Dick Bermingham; £5/5/; W. H. B. Lowe, A. Anderson, £2; A. Aliendi, E. Sherrard, £1/1/; G. Guyatt, A. Tulloch, J. Ross, A. Ross, G. E. Lyndon, W. Bermingham. Mr. W. Bermingham suggested that Mrs. Dennis be asked to lay the foundation stone, as it was through her effort that the hall was being built. Mrs. Dennis declined the honor, and on the motion of Messrs Trihnble and Dennis it was decided-to ask the Hon. Geo. Davis (who takes a keen interest in the welfare of the district) to lay the foundation stone. Suggestions were called for as to a suitabld function for opening day, and Mr.W.Bermingham suggested “a knife and fork banquet; make a night of it.” Mr. Bermingham’s suggestion was. not adopted, but consideration was deferred.