VICTORIA, Tatura, Market Stalls and Products

EVENT DATE: 8 November 2014

We are running a craft and farm produce market day in the historic Victory Hall in Tatura. Produce is all farm grown and there will be home made craft as well.


Date: Saturday 8th November
Venue Name: Victory Hall
Address: 75 – 81 Hogan St Tatura
Time: 10.00am to  4.00pm
Costs: Free entry


The Mechanics land was given to the Trustees in October 1880 and the Victory Hall land in 1923. The Mechanics Hall was built in 1880 -1882. The Tatura Civic Halls Complex comprises the Mechanics Institute (1888) and Victory Hall (1925 – built as a monument to the fallen of WWI). Since then the Halls have become the centre of the town’s cultural and entertainment activities and is a magnificent edifice.